We manufacture food supplements for third parties

Glower Lab, experience at the service of our customers. More than 60 years producing quality food supplements.


Who we are?

To speak of Glower Lab, s to speak of a laboratory specialising in the manufacture of food supplements.  


We develop, manufacture, and package a wide range of food supplements. We advise and accompany our clients in all stages of the process, from the conceptualisation of the product to its launch on the market.


Each project and each client are unique. At Glower Lab we adapt to the needs and requirements of each case, to offer quality solutions that combine scientific knowledge and operational capacity, always under the strictest quality standards and in accordance with the specifications and analysis of the environment and the market.

Our history

Glower Lab, started its activity in Barcelona in 1955 as a laboratory specialising in the manufacture of food supplements for third parties. From the very beginning, our objective was to become a key partner for the pharmaceutical and health industry in the design, development, manufacture, and packaging of nutritional supplements.


From the 1980s onwards, due to the boom in products made from plant extracts and natural ingredients, the company specialised in the manufacture of dietary products and food supplements, mainly in liquid form. In the 1990s, its activity became increasingly focused on contract manufacturing services for nutritional supplements.


Since then, we have gained experience in the design and manufacture of supplements, which has allowed us to enjoy a consolidated position within the sector, serving national and international clients.


In 2022, Glower Lab moved to new, modern facilities from which to continue offering our services, faithful to our commitment to quality, which is reflected in our products and services and allows us to ensure maximum satisfaction and peace of mind for us and our customers, and safety for the consumer.

We are experts in the development and manufacture of food supplements.

Our Commitments

At Glower Lab

we are clear about our commitments, and we work to provide the best solutions and services.


We are aware of our social responsibility and that is why concern for the environment, food safety and labour safety are essential values and represent our main commitment. We work to promote an efficient use of resources in order to generate a positive impact on our environment and that of our customers.


We know that professionalism and rigour are key to the success of any project. We are an honest, transparent, and responsible company, both with our team and products and with the clients who place their trust in us.

We always seek maximum efficiency to differentiation with a focus on achieving and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

Our customers

Throughout all these years, many customers have trusted us to develop their products.


Our experience and our commitment to excellence has allowed us to enjoy a consolidated position within the sector, serving national and international clients.


We know that there is still a long way to go and that is why at Glower Lab we will continue to work and innovate, looking for new formulations and ways to produce high quality food supplements, sharing our experience, know-how and way of understanding the CDMO food supplement sector and we are sure that many more clients will choose us in the future.

More than a contract manufacture lab,
a partner for success