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Quality control

At Glower Lab, the quality of our products is our top priority and a fundamental pillar of our organisation and way of working.


Our commitment to quality allows us to ensure maximum satisfaction and peace of mind for us and our customers.


Our management begins even before the material arrives at our facilities. We work with approved suppliers, with all the necessary documentation to guarantee the best results.


In manufacturing we comply with all the standards required of our suppliers to guarantee that the final product meets the highest quality standards.


The whole process ends in the packaging and conditioning, where subsequently and for all our products, a prior analysis is required for the release that guarantees the safety and quality of the finished product ready for consumption has been maintained throughout the production process.


At Glower Lab we consider innovation to be the driving force behind future projection.


We have a team dedicated to working on the research, development and innovation of new techniques and products, to be able to offer our customers solutions adapted to the current market situation, as well as to the future.


We work together with our customers' technical teams and in close collaboration with our suppliers of innovative raw materials, who scrupulously comply with current regulations, to obtain unique solutions, developed and delivered with an optimised time-to-market.

Glower BIO Project

Glower Lab, with the collaboration of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) of the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities, is currently implementing an innovative project in the food supplements sector. The main objective of the project, GLOWER-BIO; New formulations of liquid food supplements, in BIO version, using advanced sterilisation technologies (EXP 00140879 / IDI-20220024) is to develop new formulations of BIO liquid food supplements using advanced cold sterilisation technologies.

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