We have a wide variety of formulations, with a wide range of solutions and presentations. 

Liquid preparations in all types of presentation: droppers, bottles, flasks, sachets, double-ended vials, single-phase, two-phase?



Our forward-thinking spirit, combined with years of experience and expertise in the food supplement industry and as a CDMO, has enabled us to create a versatile and adaptable manufacturing framework to meet the changing needs of the market.


At Glower Lab, we have all the logistics necessary to carry a large number of products. In addition, we are dedicated to the packaging of food supplements in Barcelona, which is where we have our facilities.


We produce food supplements according to what our customers need or request. All this is what makes us a reference company in the area. More than 60 years, thanks to the confidence and peace of mind that we provide and transmit with the quality of our services and products.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of presentations:



We work with different types of caps and vials. Diversity of shapes and colours. Screw-on or snap-on. In glass or PET.

Also, extemporaneous vial that allows dosing the powder just at the moment of consumption, thus avoiding degradation over time.



We have a wide variety of bottles, volumes, shapes, and colours. With stopper, dropper, pipette, cap, with dosing cup or without...



We have different dropper formats, we can also condition with spoon, syringe...



We also work in stick sachet format.


Our product portfolio includes a wide range of formulations including antitussive, circulatory, diuretic, slimming, revitalising, depurative, vitaminised, sleeping, sports and joint products...


Made from a varied selection of ingredients: royal jelly, medicinal mushrooms, medicinal plants, fatty acids, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, probiotics?


Contact us and tell us what you need, at Glower Lab we adapt to your requirements and needs.